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Just a Suggestion

March 3, 2016

At a place like IPF, where 1,400 of us are spread out by location and time of day (24/7/365), it’s impossible for me to hear about every good thing that happens or every good idea one of us has in an “ah-ha” moment. But it’s exactly because of the diverse nature of our work that I need to hear ideas that come from the people who have their hands on the work. I could do some research and come up with some expert’s idea of the best way to clean a bathroom or maintain brick exteriors, but some of the best ideas for how to do those tasks are in the heads of the people who do them right here at IPF.

Some great innovations have come from employee suggestions. Art Fry, an employee at 3M, came up with the idea for Post-It Notes. Amazon employee Charlie Ward offered a. And an employee of British Airways suggested descaling toilet pipes to reduce airplane weight, saving the airline $900,000 annually! All of them offered a simple suggestion that came from their on-the-job experience. That’s what I’m looking for from you.

I don’t expect every idea to save us $900,000, but how about $1,000 or $10,000? How about ideas that save us time or help us deliver a better product or better customer service? Got an idea that helps us work better with one another or do a better job of communicating? Let’s hear it. In fact, let’s hear ALL the ideas you have rattling around in your head. IPF needs them. We need to consider them, roll them around and see what sticks. That’s the way to innovate and move ahead.

You can start today by sending an email to or to You can also send an idea through our electronic suggestion box on the front page of the Hub under Quick Links. Last, but definitely not least, you can drop a suggestion into one of our wooden suggestion boxes at the following locations:

Materials and Logistics (209)

Wall next to tool check-out counter


Rear break area

Central Services (Transportation)

Break room


Break room

Landscape Services

Break area

Power Plant

Next to time clock

Chilled Water Plant

Next to time clock

Olds Hall

Copier room

Materials and Logistics (210)

Next to time clock


Lunch room

All suggestions are sent to Chad Stirrett, our chief of planning and organizational performance, who reviews them and sends them on to the correct person (or people) in IPF to consider them, ask more questions and possibly implement them.

Remember our? One of them is about being innovative, and this is your chance to possibly be at the forefront of innovation at IPF. Take a chance on your ideas and share them.

Until next time,