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Employee survey identifies opportunities

September 23, 2016

Surveys. Seems like most of us are involved in creating, administering or taking some kind of survey in order to learn more about what our customers want and how we can improve. Surveys are often the best way—sometimes the only way—to learn important information that may have an impact on the way we do business.

The employee survey you recently had an opportunity to take is no different. This anonymous survey gave us vital information about how IPF’s workforce feels about the work environment, IPF management, communications and more. An amazing 67 percent of you took the survey, which is about twice the response that many companies get from their employee surveys! So here’s a HUGE thank you from me to all who took the survey!

Many of the survey questions were rated on a scale from one to five, with one being a low rating and five being a high rating. Overall, IPF got a score of 3.64, giving us a baseline score for future measurement. We can work on opportunities for improvement that were identified in the survey and measure our progress next year to see if we made a difference. We scored pretty high on going above and beyond on delivering an outstanding Spartan experience, doing meaningful work, feeling proud of where we work and feeling that our work has a positive impact on student success. Concerns were raised on promotions going to the best qualified people at IPF, the Advisory Team explaining their decisions, fair application of IPF policies and how openly the Advisory team communicates on IPF issues.

Over the coming weeks, the survey information will be broken down into more meaningful pieces and rolled out to all of you. This will give everyone an opportunity to see how we scored on various questions. As you look at the scores, ask yourself, how can we reinforce the areas where we scored high and develop responses to those areas where the scores were lower?

You can see all of the IPF-wide results on the new 2016 IPF Employee Engagement Survey page on the Hub. This page also includes a schedule of how the results are being rolled out.

It’s one thing to hear anecdotes and rumors about how IPF employees feel about things, but it’s entirely something else to have real data about how you feel. This data provides meaningful information, allowing us to respond through meaningful actions.

We really can’t even begin working towards being the best facilities organization in the nation if you don’t feel engaged and valued. Making changes based on items that come to light from the survey is one of IPF’s (and my) highest priorities this year and beyond. All IPF departments are creating at least one department-level action plan based on this survey’s results.

Please take a look at the survey results and the rollout plan. If you have suggestions or comments after looking at the survey results, please send them to me at or drop them in one of the wooden suggestion boxes we have in all IPF buildings. I want to hear your ideas on how we should move ahead on the things the survey brought to light.

Until next time,


P.S. Studer Education is working on analyzing and sorting through all of the responses to open-ended questions in the survey. With more than 90 pages to go through, it’s a big job and it’s time-consuming to do it right. Watch for their summary report to be available in the next week or two.