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Giving back

December 13, 2017

At this time of year, many of us choose to give back to our communities or to causes we believe in. Some of us do it by putting money in a red bucket attended by someone ringing a bell, bundled up against the cold. Some give back by helping a neighbor or a relative with chores, transportation or food. Some even forego their own holiday meal in order to serve others who may otherwise go hungry.

MSU makes it especially easy to make an impact in your community through its Community Charitable Campaign. With this campaign, MSU partners with Capital Area United Way to help support more than 120,000 local people. The campaign has raised more than $6 million over the past 14 years, money that has stayed right here in mid-Michigan improving the lives of our friends and neighbors.

I ask all of you to consider whether or not making a pledge to the Community Charitable Campaign makes sense for you. Is there a particular organization that you feel really deserves your support, such as Family Financial Stability or Student Achievement? Or perhaps Impression 5 Science Center, Reach Studio Art Center, Woldumar Nature Center or the Michigan Parkinson Foundation are more in line with your interests. There are dozens and dozens of organizations that would welcome your donation.

This year’s campaign is underway, finishing up at the end of March 2018. Making a donation is easier than ever because of the option to donate online or to stick with a paper pledge. Instructions for both methods are on the Giving Green page of the Community Charitable Campaign website. You’ll also find answers to your questions on the FAQ web page. For instance, did you know that you can take a tax deduction for your donation? And that you can pay for your donation through payroll deduction?

Your MSU Community Charitable Campaign pledge can do so much good right here at home. Is it the right thing for you?

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P.S. Whether you choose to donate to the Community Charitable Campaign or not, you can always contribute your ideas, thoughts or questions to