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A year in review

February 8, 2017

Resolved: Committing to an outstanding 2017

At the beginning of each year, I find myself thinking about the past year and what I accomplished. You probably do, too. However, because we’re human, we probably think as much or more about what we DIDN’T accomplish, failed at or needed to improve. For every pat on the back, we kick ourselves in the butt twice as hard! So in January, we make resolutions, which according to Forbes Magazine are long forgotten by the time February hits.

So now it’s February, and instead of being a Forbes statistic, I want to be part of the 10 percent of resolutions and goals that are kept and accomplished throughout the year. What’s the secret to the resolutions that succeed? They do so because they are intentional, planned and infused with energy. I have decided to use that formula (intention + planning + energy) to make sure my resolutions for IPF are kept this year. Here goes.

IPF will be a “best place to work.” In an environment of efficiency and processes, it dawned on me that none of this happens without people. As a result, the leadership team and I set about really trying to understand how you feel and making sure we are creating a best place to work. Our plans don’t work unless you feel confident and supported in your job. The 2016 employee survey was a very helpful tool in assessing where we are, and this year, we will work to improve by executing the action plans that resulted from the survey. Employee recognition is also a big part of making sure people feel valued, so it’s going to continue to be a key activity this year (and beyond). The Employee of the Quarter award is one example of how we will recognize the amazing people in IPF.

We will recognize and celebrate IPF’s successes. Many of you wonder what the result is of all the changes we have made. So we are creating an easy tool to share our results called the IPF Scorecard. We will measure a handful of areas IPF-wide to see how we are making progress toward our strategic objectives. The great part is that all of our services and departments contribute to these measures in their own ways, so you can see how your work is making a difference. We’ll celebrate the wins and continue to get better. Recognizing your efforts as an IPF employee will be part of the celebration!

IPF leaders will be more engaged in ways that matter. To live up to the new leadership model, IPF leaders will spend most of their time on things like employee engagement, communicating with you and developing new leaders. We heard your input and we definitely want to be the type of leadership team that helps you remove barriers and supports you in your work. We’ll have a few town halls per year, so that you can listen to the latest IPF news directly from the leadership team, and (more importantly) we can listen directly to you! In fact, you’ll be seeing more of all your executive leaders as we look for ways to create those face-to-face opportunities.

Every one of these resolutions will only succeed if we realize that we’re all in this together. We can’t afford to have a “them” and an “us,” whether that means rifts based on department, location or the type of work we do. We all work for IPF. We all have a stake in its success! I resolve to take that very seriously, and I hope you do, too.

Until next time,


P.S. As always, please send me your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, etc. at