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Building hours policy


Access to Michigan State University is provided on a regular daily schedule as posted on the exterior doors. The exterior doors are unlocked and locked according to the posted schedule by the IPF Building Services department’s Custodial Services office to assure security during closed hours. Changes to building hours may be implemented after the request has the approval of the appropriate dean or major administrative unit administrator and concurrence from Classroom Scheduling, Facilities Planning and Space Management, MSU Police and Infrastructure Planning and Facilities.


The department chairperson will forward the request for changing the building hours to the Dean's office for approval and then to IPF administration who will review the request with Classroom Scheduling, Facilities Planning and Space Management, Department of Police and Public Safety, as well as Custodial Services. Final authorization will be granted by the Vice President for Strategic Infrastructure Planning and Facilities with notification of the new building hours to the Provost, Secretary of the Board of Trustees, Vice President for Administrative Services, Registrar, MSU Police, Facilities Planning and Space Management, as well as the department and dean's office.

Building hours list

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