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Avaya Aura Messaging

The Avaya Aura Messaging system is a voicemail platform that offers options for email or text notifications of voice messages, personal faxing, Reach Me, Notify Me and many other unified messaging features.

Access the Avaya Aura Messaging Web Access site for system preferences.

View the Avaya Aura Messaging quick reference guide.

View the Avaya Aura Messaging user guide.

View the Avaya Aura Messaging Shared Extension Voicemail instructions.

 Some of the unified messaging features available on the Avaya Aura Messaging Platform include:

  • Updated website to access messages – Users can access the system via a web browser to listen to messages, manage features, and update greetings.
  • Attendant - set up an extension to use as your back up to allow callers to "zero out"of your mailbox by pressing 0 when they get to your greeting.
  • Notify Me – A customizable version of unified messaging that allows users to determine how to get notified of messages in their voice mailbox, including e-mail and SMS text notifications.
  • Mulitple Greetings - Set an out of office message with an expiration date and maintain your everyday greeting or great multiple greetings on a schedule you define.
  • Reach Me – A feature that focalls to a a user defined phone number on a scheduled rwards that the users define before sending the caller to the voicemail greeting.

Learn more about these features by reviewing the user guide