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Avaya Campus PBX telephone system

The Avaya Campus PBX provides a common communications platform used by hundreds of departments on campus including campuses in Detroit and Grand Rapids. Users may select from a wide variety of telephone models from basic single-line to advanced-display models.

System features

License software information

On the Avaya Campus PBX system, an Avaya user software license is purchased for each telephone number assigned to a telephone. The one-time user license fee per telephone number is included in the initial cost of converting to the Avaya system. Once you purchase the Avaya license you can change or add features to it and move it or reassign it as needed. The telephone number becomes part of your departmental campus telephone numbers. Monthly charges will apply.

If you disconnect a telephone number completely, but then later on need to add a new telephone number, you would need to purchase a new user license for that new number. To help protect the initial investment of the software license fee, we offer an option to put a telephone number that is no longer needed into a reserved status at a reduced rate per month. If, at some point, you need to reassign and activate a reserved telephone number the monthly rate for the number would go back to its original monthly rate after the service request is completed.

Consultation and support

View our dialing instructions if you need help reaching a certain number from a campus phone.

See a list of Avaya phones and their documentation on the Telephones service page.