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Faculty and staff

Cable television service is available in many university-owned classrooms and department buildings for both instructional and entertainment purposes.

How a college or department can acquire cable service

New cable outlet

IPF Telecommunication Systems can provide a free estimate for new cable outlet installation. There is a monthly fee per outlet for entertainment television (ETV) service. Please submit a service request.

All cable television outlets must be installed and connected by IPF Telecommunication Systems due to wiring standards and radio frequency leakage requirements that must be followed in order to maintain quality service and a reliable service.

Upgrade from ITV to ETV

To upgrade service from the free ITV to the pay ETV lineup or change or disconnect ETV/ITV, submit a service request. IPF Telecommunication Systems can provide a free estimate for this change. There is a monthly fee per outlet for entertainment television (ETV) service.

Additional services

You may choose to subscribe to additional pay services offered directly by Comcast. These currently include premium channels and a DVR recorder. More information is available on the Comcast signup page.

If there is a certain channel that you want that is not provided, contact IPF Telecommunication Systems (517) 353-5515 to request the channel. Channels that are most often requested will be considered if/when channels are added.

How to hook up your television

  1. Connect the coax cables - Simply connect the coax cable from your digital-ready TV to the cable outlet. Make sure both ends are tight. You must use coax cords with screw on connectors as to not cause RF leakage.
  2. Reprogram the television (follow the manufacturer's guide)
    1. Turn the television on and go to the menu. 
    2. Select “rescan" or "reprogram." Make sure to select “cable” mode. 
    3. Wait for the scanning to complete. This process can take up to 15 minutes depending on the brand of television. 
    4. When scanning finishes, you should see 16 analog channels and over 100 digital channels.

Support for faculty and staff

Telecom Systems posts outages and scheduled maintenance of its cable system at

If you are having problems with a system in a department or want to install cable TV, get video infrastructure or order ETV, submit a Cable Television Service Request.

If you have questions about Interactive Video Services (IVS), video content, video equipment and video solutions, contact MSU Broadcasting Services at (517) 884-4700.

If you are having a problem with cable television or media equipment in a classroom, call MSU Classroom Support at (517) 353-3960.


Cable TV channel lineup

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