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Cable television service is included in the room and board rate for students living in residence halls or university apartments.

For instructions on setting up your cable TV at MSU, view the how to hook up your television.

Students needing further assistence with their cable TV should see the service center at their residence hall or university apartment. Residential and Hospitality Services maintenance staff must submit a cable TV repair or service request on students' behalf.

Cable lineup

View the channel listing here on the website or as a printable PDF.

An on-screen channel guide is available on digital channel 22.10. The E-Guide service shows every channel and the programming that is available for the next two hours.

If there is a certain channel that you want that is not offered, contact your housing manager to request the channel. Channels that are most often requested will be considered if/when channels are added.

Additional services

You may choose to subscribe to additional pay services offered directly by Comcast. These currently include premium channels and a DVR recorder. More information is available on the Comcast signup page.

Equipment you need

Students need to bring a digital-ready TV and coax cable to hook up their set.

Television requirements:

  • Any digital-ready television capable of supporting ClearQAM or QAM technologies. Check the television’s user guide “capabilities” section.
  • Your television remote should have a dot (.), dash (-) or sub-channel button.
  • Televisions are manufactured with ClearQAM functionality but not all brands have this functionality active upon purchase. In order to activate the ClearQAM tuner you may be required to contact the manufacturer’s technical support and request directions to activate ClearQAM.
  • Televisions older than approximately 2007 will require a ClearQAM converter box, which are available at many electronic stores. Make sure the box is capable of converting digital cable (QAM). You can buy a box online or at a local electronics store. Tips for buying a converter box for non-digital-ready TVs (from the Federal Communications Commission website).

Coax cable requirements:

  • Purchase a RG-6 rated, quad-shielded cable with screw-on connectors to prevent radio frequency leakage and meet MSU requirements. Coax cables can be purchased on campus at Sparty’s Convenience Stores and University Stores. (At University Stores, you must come into the show room and ask for a coax cable. They come in lengths of six, 12 or 25 feet.) See detailed tips for buying your coax cable

How to hook up your television

  1. Connect the coax cables
    1. Digital-ready television: Simply connect the coax cable from your TV to the cable outlet. Make sure both ends are tight. You must use coax cords with screw on connectors as to not cause RF leakage.
    2. Non-digital television with a converter box - see detailed instructions (PDF):
      1. Connect the coax cable to the converter box.
      2. Connect the other end to the cable outlet.
      3. Make sure both ends are tight. You must use coax cords with screw-on connectors as to not cause RF leakage.
      4. Insert the output plug of the converter box into your television's "video" or "game" input.
  2. Reprogram the television
    1. Turn the television on and go to the menu. 
    2. Select “rescan" or "reprogram." Make sure to select “cable” mode. 
    3. Wait for the scanning to complete. This process can take up to 15 minutes depending on the brand of television. 
    4. When scanning finishes, you should see more than 100 digital channels.
  3. Tune in to an HD channel
    1. Example type 19.1 (“1” “9” “.” “1”) on the remote to get to a digital HD channel.

Support: What do I do if I’m having a problem with cable services?

If you have followed the instructions above including ensuring that the ClearQAM tuner is turned on and are still experiencing problems with cable TV in your room, see the service center at your residence hall or university apartment to log the issue for additional service.

If you are not getting all of the channels:

  • Verify that you have a digital-ready TV. If not, you may need to purchase new television or converter box (see above).
  • If it is a digital television, you may need to reprogram or rescan your box. See instructions above.


Cable TV channel lineup

Webpage version

PDF version