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Campus information and directory

University directory and information services


ContactMSU staff are available to help you navigate campus, find the information you need, learn about events, or connect you with departments, individual staff or students with published numbers. Their service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You may reach them at (517) 355-1855 or by dialing 0 from campus phones. The directory that the ContactMSU staff utilize is also populated by the contact information stored within the University's staff and student databases.

MSU People Search

MSU provides an online directory for faculty, staff, students and retirees. This includes contact information online (name, address, phone number and e-mail address) for people and groups affiliated with MSU who are assigned an MSU NetID. Personal contact and business contact information are both published by default. While business contact information cannot be restricted under normal circumstances, personal information may be restricted as preferred.

Directory maintenance

It is critical that members of the MSU community maintain their contact information, both personal and business, in order for customers and staff to successfully reach them. MSU’s EBS Employee Self Service module contains both business and personal contact information for all employees except student employees and graduate, undergraduate and professional assistants. This information is used for MSU’s People Search, MSU campus operators and for campus mailings. To update and/or restrict the display of a personal phone number in the publicly listed directory information, follow these instructions:

Updates or changes to an employee's business/administrative phone number and address are implemented by the department's EBS Unit Administrator (Business department) via the EBS Portal.

MSU department directory

ContactMSU staff rely on updated information to connect callers with appropriate services and departments. There is not currently a database that provides this information. When changes are made to a unit or department name or number or if services are added, e-mail to have the services corrected or added to the directory.

MSU provides an online alphabetical listing of MSU departmental contact information. Additions or changes may be requested using the “Content Corrections” form on the site or by contacting IT Services Support at (517) 884-3000.

External directory services

Directory assistance - (517) 555-1212 - is a charged service for campus (billed at a $2.00 per call charge). Due to the cost of this service, unless authorized, Avaya Campus PBX telephones are restricted from this service.

Local directory

Lansing telephone directory 

National directories

AT&T toll-free 800 directoryAT&T national US directory allows users to search by number, part of a number or by street address. It includes reverse lookup and area-code lookup.


International directories

Canada Yellow Pages—Directory of business online plus news and classifieds.

EurpagesEuropean yellow-page guide available in many languages.