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Cellular services

Campuswide coverage and capacity enhancements.

MSU department-funded projects

Consult with IPF Telecommunication Systems for the best and most current solution to fit your needs. Each situation requires detailed analysis to ensure your solution is cost-effective and meets operational needs. Without careful analysis, solutions may provide short-term, single-carrier solutions that are costly. Be aware that many solutions require carrier approval per federal law due to FCC-licensed frequencies.

  • Indoor distributed antenna system (IDAS)
  • Carrier-specific bidirectional amplifier (BDA)
  • Carrier-specific femto cell
  • Fiber-distributed antenna system microcells (FDAS)

Carrier-funded projects

Non-MSU carriers install their equipment on campus in collaboration with IPF Telecommunication Systems to provide connections between their switching networks and the MSU fiber-optic network. This collaboration utilizes the MSU network to improve cellular coverage. Additional rooftop micro-cell nodes from non-MSU carriers bring antennas closer to subscribers, help the signal penetrate energy-efficient glass and increase capacity.

Building and department-specific coverage enhancements

Cell phone coverage is dependent on many factors. In order to use bidirectional amplifiers, the users must gain permission from carriers to use licensed frequencies. IPF Telecommunication Systems will help with the process through appropriate contacts.

Cell phones

IPF Telecom does not directly provide cell phones for the campus community, but does partner with Purchasing (University Services) to provide contracts for business and personal use. See cell phone providers under Purchasing contracts.

Employee purchase program discounts for cellular services

MSU employees are eligible for employee discounts and services for cellular services.

For cellular service consulting, submit an online service request.

Technology workshop presentation

The below presentation explains the workings of cellular infrastructure at MSU.

Cellular services and infrastructure (PDF)

Watch video (leads to web page)