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Deferred maintenance

Deferred maintenance is a term used to describe repairs to facility equipment or materials that considered necessary but postponed due to budgetary constraints. The condition of all facility equipment is periodically evaluated to determine which items will be funded each year with the available budget. Just-in-time is another term used for deferred maintenance projects. See the current list of just-in-time projects.

This program is design to systematically address the need to maintain the structural and operational integrity of campus facilities, including improved electrical service, ventilation, building envelopes (such as roofs and windows), life safety systems, interior finishes and other deferred maintenance needs.

Projects identified to be funded are typically set up as capital projects and managed through Planning, Design and Construction. If a deferred maintenance project impacts or affects operations for customers, staff working on the project will communication with the customers directly, including scheduling the work to limit disruptions.


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