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The Avaya Campus PBX allows each user to have access to both E-911 and Reverse 911 service which requires a dedicated MSU telephone number for each physical telephone set. Calls to 911 send the specific building name and room number to the Ingham County 911 dispatch center.

Reverse 911

Reverse 911 services provided by MSU Police allows any user with a dedicated MSU telephone number (faculty, staff or student) to be contacted directly with a voice message in the event of an emergency. Additional phone numbers (e.g. cell and home phone numbers) can also be registered at


The Michigan Emergency 9-1-1 Services Enabling Act, PA 32 of 1986, as amended by PA 271 of 2011, requires that multi-line telephone systems have the ability to identify the specific location of emergency calls no later than December 31, 2016.

This enhanced 911 (E-911) technology allows 911 dispatchers to receive detailed information about the specific physical location of a caller in an emergency and includes a room number or other designation, not just a street address or building name. A large number of telephone systems in use at MSU were not designed to support E-911 technology and therefore are not capable of providing the specific location of a 911 caller in an emergency.

Telephone systems that are compliant include:


  • Avaya-branded telephone systems with a unique campus 5-digit number on each telephone (excluding EDC/University Club Avaya system)
  • Biomedical and Physical Sciences building Nortel-branded systems
  • Stand-alone department systems that have been determined to be compliant in the past three years through direct communication with the IPF Telecommunication Systems (mostly non-academic units) or are scheduled to be compliant


  • Avaya telephones billed via IPF Telecommunication Systems recurring billing in EBS (e.g. Lansing CCED, Secchia Center, VanAndel Institute, MSU Detroit and MSU COM DMC).

If your unit does not appear to be compliant and to ensure that the university is compliant with the E-911 legislation by the deadline, please use the IPF online service request for a consultation.

Technology workshop presentation

Further information about E911 is available on p. 21 of the below presentation.

Service requests, billing and E911 PDF

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