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EC-500 Extension to Cellular

Extension to Cellular (EC-500) is a feature available to all Avaya Campus PBX users that allows users to integrate their cell phones with their desk telephones. The integration of the two devices enables users to seamlessly migrate calls between devices and control when calls are received at either device. In addition, the user can control whether this feature is enabled or disabled.

User guide


With EC-500 enabled:

  • If the user's desktop phone rings, the call will also ring on the cell phone.
  • The user may pick up either the cell phone or the desk phone and transfer the call between devices.
  • When the user places calls to any phone on the Avaya Campus PBX, the user's desktop phone number will be displayed, rather than his or her cell phone number.
  • The user can remotely enable and disable the EC-500 feature and activate and deactivate call-forwarding and “send-all-calls.”

For EC-500 services, submit a service request.