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Find work requests

My requests

The service requests that have been recently submitted via the online form will display in this list. Once IPF processes a request, it will be converted to a capital project, a project request or a work order (see definitions on the "How to read your bill" page). You will receive an e-mail when the request is converted. The requests will still appear in the "My requests" list, but instead of seeing the service request number as an identifier you will see a CP, PR or WO number instead.

E-mail notifications

If you wish to receive an e-mail when your service request is converted into an Infrastructure Planning and Facilities project or work order, be sure that the correct e-mail address is specified in the MSU EBS system.

  1. Log into EBS.
  2. Click on the “ESS” tab.
  3. Click “Personal Information.”
  4. Click “Additional Communication Details.”

Multiple e-mail addresses can be defined from the ESS tab, but only three types of e-mail address are evaluated for updating Infrastructure Planning and Facilities requestor and employee data:

MAIL Other Business E-mail

If an Other Business E-mail (type of "MAIL") has been defined then this is used. If more than one is defined, then the one used is randomly selected.

0003 Other E-mail 

If no Other Business E-mail (type of "MAIL") has been defined but an Other E-mail (type of "0003") has been defined then this is used. If more than one is defined, then the one used is randomly selected.

0010 MSU E-mail

If no Other Business E-mail or Other E-mail have been defined then your MSU NetID e-mail is used.

If you wish to add an e-mail address to the system, do the following:

  1. Beneath the grey table, click the button that says “Add new.”
  2. Select the Type of address from the selector window.
  3. Enter the e-mail address in the “Long ID/Number” box.
  4. Click the “Add new” button.

Search for requests/Find requests

This function can be used to view requests, CPs, PRs and WOs that are open (in-progress) as well as closed (completed). Select the parameter you wish to search by from the green drop-down button. Enter the needed information and press “Search.”

 A screenshot of the search for requests basic search view

If you wish to search by multiple parameters, click the “advanced search” link and fill in the information there.

A screenshot of the search for requests advanced search view

Search for requests results view. A table showing the date, request number, request status, work-order number, work-order status, CP number, phase, description, requestor, maintenance type and building.

Clicking on a work order will display the account currently listed for the work order, a description and location of the work completed, the date of the request and the amount charged to that work order. Once a job is completed, its status will change from “open” to “closed.” There is no automatic e-mail generated for a completed job, but the customer can request notification from the supervisor overseeing the work.


Click here to view your active work requests and see other requests within the customer portal.