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Interior design

Infrastructure Planning and Facilities offers interior design services for teaching and learning spaces, athletics space, offices and public spaces at MSU. Services include window treatments, carpeting, furnishings, signage and all other aesthetic elements of interior space.

University departments may request a free estimate for interior design projects by submitting an online service request. (Be sure to answer “yes” to the question “Is this an estimate request?”)

IPF's package spans all phases of interior design from the initial consultation to the post-installation evaluation including inventory, managing the bidding process, coordination of contractors and move management. The design team has comprehensive experience in working on large-scale projects.

Only one service request is needed regardless of project scope. Whether it is a single-craft project (example: only carpet) or a multi-craft project (example: furniture selection, electrical work and painting in the same room), the activities can be described in just one request form and IPF staff will take care of the rest. Submit a request and IPF will provide an estimate as part of the project.

Interior design package


  1. Programming and analysis:
    1. Collaborate with client representatives, architects and engineers to develop a preliminary budget, explore options and identify the scope of project
    2. Develop a schematic budget and explore new furniture price point options

Design development

  1. Select and review architectural finishes
  2. Space planning:
    1. Work with department representative to develop furniture plans
    2. Collaborate with architect and engineer to review electrical, communication and lighting plans
  3. Research and select furniture and finishes to coordinate with architectural finishes
  4. Make recommendations and review selections with department representative
  5. Finalize furniture and finish selections
  6. Collaborate with architect to finalize electrical, communication, lighting and finish plans
  7. Develop furnishings budget report

Project management

  1. Provide furniture and accessories specifications for order processing
  2. Prepare the furniture bid documents and manage the bidding process
  3. Manage bid process with MSU Purchasing

Project administration

  1. Review and verify construction progress at site
  2. Collaborate with construction site coordinator to confirm:
    1. Electrical and communication locations
    2. Architectural finish locations
  3. Furniture orders:
    1. Track and expedite furniture order from all vendors with Purchasing
    2. Prepare installation drawings
    3. Develop master installation schedule of new furniture
    4. Provide furniture tracking reports
    5. Collaborate with construction site coordinator
  4. Coordinate furniture delivery and installation with:
    1. Construction site coordinator
    2. Electricians
    3. Communications group
    4. Furniture installers
    5. MSU moving crew
  5. Supervise installation
  6. Compile and complete punch list
  7. Provide post installation evaluation
  8. Provide final furniture budget report (reconciliation of estimated cost vs. actual cost)

For residence halls and dining areas, interior design services are available through Residential and Hospitality Services.


If you need immediate emergency service or have a general question about IPF, call (517) 353-1760. For routine or special services submit an online service request.