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Campus two-way radio service (800 MHz)

IPF Telecommunication Systems operates and maintains the campus two-way radio system to provide reliable, high-quality two-way radio indoor/outdoor coverage on MSU’s campus.

This system supports over 600 users with both digital and analog handheld-portable, vehicle-mobile and fixed-base units. Important features include a 24/7 emergency call feature, 24/7 University Operator dispatch support, local phone access, direct one-to-one private call, and customized talk groups for workgroups with similar responsibilities.

For information and user guides on the radio models, see "Radio guides" on the right.

Radio rental units (800 MHz system)

IPF Telecommunication Systems rents two-way radios on a per-radio per-week basis. These radios operate on the 800 MHz system and provide you with the features and functionality of the campus two-way radios. Your radios will be programmed, charged and ready for pickup at the Telecommunications Systems Customer Support office. There will be labor charges to prepare the radios. One week notice is required. Submit a service request by selecting one of the services on the right.

Radio rental units (UHF system)

IPF Telecommunication Systems rents two-way radios systems operating in the ultrahigh frequency band (UHF) radio system primarily for two-way radio rentals for operational services or a special event. This system is not connected to enterprise campus radio system used by IPF dispatch and others.

Radio system consulting and analysis

Telecommunication analysts and engineers are available to discuss your business radio needs whether they be better served by licensed or unlicensed radio systems. Services provided include analysis, system design, estimations, installation, testing and training to meet your business needs.