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Recycling services

MSU Recycling provides comprehensive recycling and waste management services for the entire campus including the following:

To request any of the above service, use the recycling online request.

Recycling Drop-off Center

Area residents along with students, faculty and staff can use of MSU’s Recycling Drop-off Center located at 468 Green Way East Lansing, MI 48823. Learn more here.

Events recycling

MSU Recycling provides waste reduction and recycling services for events held on campus.  Whether you’re planning a 5K run/walk, a conference, or a party we can help you “green” your event by keeping waste out of the trash can. Find out how.

Construction contractor recycling

Contractors working on campus can reduce waste disposal costs by utilizing Surplus Store and Recycling’s waste evaluation and removal service. It is a great way to help meet LEED standards and establish a “green” construction project. Find out how.


Submit an online service request for sustainability-related services or call (517) 355-1723.