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Scheduled maintenance announcements

Scheduled maintenance announcements for utility shutdowns, generator testing, phone and cable outages and other scheduled maintenance are compiled from several sources. They are sent out to building contacts approximately seven days in advance of any disruption to a campus customer and published on the IPF Alerts page. If you believe that other alerts should be added to this feed, please contact IPF.

Should a customer request a specific date for the disturbance to occur for maintenence-related projects that is less than seven days before the event, the notice will be marked as "customer-requested timeline." If the shutdown is required due to an emergency, the notice will go out as quickly as possible and be marked emergency.These shutdowns are sent using the e-mail address. Should you have any questions in regards to a shutdown notice please notify the contact listed in the shutdown notice.

Current information regarding campus road construction and detours is also available online.

Telecommunication Systems provides status updates through MSU IT Services' service status website.

MSU staff may sign up to receive Telecommunication Systems updates and outage notices via the Telecom listserv.


If you need immediate emergency service or have a general question about IPF, call (517) 353-1760. For routine or special services submit an online service request.