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Vehicle rental

Renting vehicles from Transportation Services continues to be the best all-around value for MSU business travel.

When making plans for a business trip, consider the many advantages that renting a vehicle from Transportation Services offers:

  • Rates that are consistently lower than off-campus vendors across all types of vehicles, whether it's a weekday or weekend rental, saves your department money and the wear-and-tear on personal vehicles. The reimbursement for using a personal vehicle for business is $0.54 per mile and is often more costly than renting from Transportation Services.
  • Fuel is included in the rental rate and is conveniently available on-campus or can be purchased off-campus while on the road, using the fuel card provided in each vehicle.
  • Direct billing to your department using an authorized account number eliminates the hassle of using a personal credit card (which is required by off-campus vendors) and having to wait for  reimbursement for rental fees, taxes, additional fees and fuel purchases.
  • Conveniently located on MSU's main campus with plenty of parking available. Off-campus vendors are located as far as nine miles from East Lansing.