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Both short-term and long-term leases are offered. Vehicles cannot be leased through the online service request.

  1. Rates provide for all expenses except tolls, parking fees, traffic violations, towing and service fees not mechanically related, and the first $500 damage or loss resulting from an "at-fault" accident, vandalism, etc. All requests for reimbursement of expenses paid with personal funds should be submitted to the Transportation Services office as soon as possible after the purchase has been made.
  2. University Vehicle Policy may be found in the Manual of Business Procedures, Section 245. For vehicle reservation and additional information, call (517) 353-5280 during the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday.
  3. An approved university travel authorization (open the xls file called “Travel Authorization and Emergency Contact Form”) and a valid (domestic) operator's license are required to pick up a university vehicle.
  4. Review driver responsibilities found in Section 35 of the Manual of Business Procedures  and take the required steps.
  5. For information on what to do in case of an accident, see Section 35 of the Manual of Business Procedures.
  6. Drivers and all passengers in vehicles must wear safety belts. Child seat belt requirements must be adhered to as well.
  7. Departments requesting student drivers must also complete the Request for Michigan Driver Record form and maintain current records within their department.
  8. Special vehicle leases may be arranged to meet specific needs. Vehicle rates may vary with addition of specialized equipment.
  9. Rentals may be arranged from off-campus agencies when university demand exceeds on-campus vehicle availability.

For more information, call (517) 353-5280.