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Legacy voicemail

Legacy Voicemail – NOTICE – End of Service

This is a notice for all non-Avaya users on the legacy voicemail system. Users of this system dial 2-2100 or 517-432-2100 to access their voicemail box.

On September 15th, 2017, MSU Telecom Systems will be shutting down the legacy campus voicemail system.  

IPF Telecom Systems will work with customers to find alternate solutions, including a similar, subscription-based basic voicemail offering, which best fit the department’s needs. 

If you are using the legacy system and would like to find out about your voicemail options after the service is no longer available on September 15, 2017, please visit to enter your contact information on the form. A telecommunications analyst will contact you to discuss your options.

Users who take no action between now and September 15th, 2017 and are not on the Avaya Aura Voicemail system already will no longer have voicemail service on their campus telephone number effective September 16th, 2017.