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Support Services

Support Services supports the unit by managing expense operations, computer applications and systems and human resources.

If you have an emergency or require immediate assistance, call (517) 353-1760. For routine or special services, complete an online service request.

Support Services is comprised of the following teams:

Business Operations

Business Operations serves IPF by handling the payroll and billing for all departments in the unit. 

Materials and Logistics

Materials and Logistics procures, stocks and delivers tools, materials and equipment for the direct support of Maintenance Services. The group provides, maintains and equips the service vehicle and bicycle fleet used by Building Services. The Set-Up crew provides moving services and event support for the campus community. The Set-Up crew moves and installs furniture in offices and sets up tables, chairs and other requested event equipment. Services are also available for any other logistical need that is required by campus departments.

Capital Projects Accounting

Capital Projects Accounting manages the accounting requirements for Capital Projects with budgets of $250,000 or more, including construction projects approved by the Board of Trustees.  Responsibilities include establishing project Plant Fund accounts, making sure funding is in place, managing project Purchase Orders, including reviewing and processing Change Orders, approving invoice payment requests, reconciling costs in the FAMIS and Unifier systems with the University accounting system, making sure any corrections are entered, and closing the Capital Projects upon completion.


Support Services
Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Building
1147 Chestnut Road Room 37
East Lansing, MI 48824

Phone: (517) 355-3375
Fax: (517) 353-5001

Office hours
Monday to Friday: 7:30 a.m. to noon
and 12:30 to 5 p.m.