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A stand to to the right with Sustainability employees informing students of employment opportunities, the Be Spartan Green Truck is in the background.


Established in 1855 as the nation’s pioneer land-grant university and Michigan’s first agricultural college, MSU was called upon to address growing areas of concern in the country: education, agriculture, infrastructure and science. Developing critical solutions like hybrid corn, the process for homogenization of milk and a cancer-saving drug, MSU’s history is rooted in public service and leadership in the areas of natural resources, stewardship and human health.

While the world faces bigger, more complex and increasingly urgent problems, Spartans are at the forefront of discovery, building on the foundation of our core land-grant values. Guided by a powerful vision and mission, Campus Sustainability strives to enable Spartans to conduct this important work on a campus that delivers on efficiency and innovation.

IPF, in partnership with Campus Sustainability, offers support in consulting with various departments on enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, streamlining process and increasing stewardship. Campus Sustainability also serves as a central hub for university sustainability, tracking and connecting the diverse academic and operational advancements, achievements, initiatives and opportunities. Advancing the university’s mission of high performance and stewardship, the department strives to be a comprehensive resource for students, faculty, researchers, staff and community members, connecting ideas to cultivate long-lasting results.


IPF Strategic Initiatives - Sustainability
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