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Customer guide to Capital Projects

Welcome to the Customer Guide to Capital Project Delivery at Michigan State University. This guide describes the planning, design and construction phases for new and renovated campus facilities.

This guide will help you better understand the processes involved as we partner with you to progress from initial planning through occupancy of the completed space.

As the project progresses, whether it involves only a cost assessment for budgeting or complete design and construction services, there will be continuous communication with you, the customer. This will include site visits, meetings, email and other types of communication throughout the duration of the project.

Our commitment to building customer relationships

At Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF), our goal is to be the most high-performing, innovative, leading-edge facilities organization in the nation, with a focus on quality, customer satisfaction and value in all we do.

The guide

Read each section of the customer guide by visiting the links listed below, or view the full PDF.

Special thanks to The Ohio State University for sharing its guide to reference throughout the development process of MSU's guide for Capital Project Delivery.