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December 2016

Construction Junctions are Infrastructure Planning and Facilities’s monthly public presentations designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

2016-17 campus snow communications 

It’s snow season. Be snow safe!

  • Don’t rush – give yourself time to get to work
  • Drive carefully
  • Dress warmly
  • Wear sensible shoes
  • Watch where you are walking
  • Shorten the length of your stride while walking
  • Check the forecast before heading outside


  • Do not dart out in front of or behind snow-removal equipment. It is large, loud and difficult to stop quickly.
  • Make eye contact with a snow-removal equipment operator before crossing in front of him/her.

Salt and ice-melt compound

  • Dial 353-1760 to report icy spots on campus.
  • It takes time for the ice-melt compound to take effect

Sidewalks and parking lots

  • Do not park so close to the sidewalk that your car’s bumper hangs over it.
  • Avoid parking in the part of a lot that has not yet been cleared.
  • Park where it’s plowed or wait a few minutes for the driver to finish and then park freely in the cleared lot

Residence hall parking loops

  • Parking is prohibited in residence hall loops between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.
  • With 65 people plowing, 26,000+ spaces must be cleared before 6 a.m.

To request services or to report dangerous spots on campus, call 353-1760.

If you can’t call, tweet IPF (@MSUFacilities) to report snow concerns (and to send photos). 

For more information on MSU’s snow-removal plans, visit

  • Snow and ice removal services:
  • Green practices for snow removal:

E-mail feedback, suggestions and comments to

Spartan Stadium - install permanent field lighting

Project details

  • Spartan Stadium currently employs the use of temporary rental lighting to illuminate the field for night-time events.
  • This lighting is provided and paid for by the television networks broadcasting from the facility.
  • The installation of permanent lighting is a requirement of the new Big Ten Broadcast Agreement, which goes into effect for the 2017 football season.

Project scope

  • Installation of permanent LED field lighting in Spartan Stadium.
  • Field lighting will meet NCAA National Championship broadcast lighting levels of 125 vertical foot candles.
  • Field lighting will be fully controllable.


  • Minimal pedestrian detouring around facility
  • Potential single-lane closure of the east service drive to the Service Garage, however it will be accessible at all times


  • Construction start: February 2017
  • Ready for use: July 2017

Ralph Young Track – replace field hockey playing surface

Project details

  • The artificial turf of the Ralph Young field hockey field has exceeded its rated life and must be replaced.
  • Failures in the sub-surface are beyond repair.
  • Seams are failing, potentially impacting player safety and game integrity.

Project scope

  • Replacement of artificial turf (carpet), underlayment and irrigation system
  • Replacement or restoration of portions of track impacted by construction


  • Minor pedestrian detour along sidewalk north of track


  • Construction start:  May 2017
  • Ready for use: July 2017

T.B. Simon Power Plant – cap the coal pile site

Project details

  • Surplus of coal had been depleted after the decision to cease burning coal at the Power Plant
  • Capping was an integral component of the retirement process for the coal storage area
  • It enables removal of the coal pile from the campus MDEQ (Michigan Department of Environmental Quality) Air Quality Permit.
  • It has created an improved surface area
  • Utilized MSU recycled crushed concrete
  • Minimizes future maintenance

Project scope

  • Contouring of the entire site (where coal had been stored) to a consistent subgrade with no export of existing materials.
  • Covering this same area with:
  • Geotextile fabric to control intermixing of capping materials with the existing subgrade
  • Eight inches of certified clay material over the fabric
  • Six inches of topsoil over the clay, with two-thirds of the surface being seeded, and the remaining third being covered with MSU recycled crushed concrete gravel


  • Congested logistics around the Power Plant and adjacent facilities due to importing of materials used to cap the site.


  • Construction start: Oct. 19  
  • Construction complete: Nov. 17

1855 Place

Project details:

  • Create a living environment that supports both single students and student families around the resources they need to be academically successful
  • Create an institutional asset to further our world class land-grant mission
  • Consolidate office spaces from across campus, freeing up space for academic programs while saving resources and improving communication
  • Create synergies between Residential and Hospitality Services and Intercollegiate Athletics

Project Scope: 

  • 102,000 square foot mixed use office building (LEED Silver): RHS offices, Intercollegiate Athletics offices and retail
  • 438,000 square foot student apartments: Single student apartments (Studio, 2BR, 4BR), Family housing apartments (1BR, 2BR)
  • Parking (2,075 spaces): Student (apartments), Event\staff, Deck
  • Funding Source – auxiliary funds: RHS, Intercollegiate Athletics, and parking


  • Construction start: Summer 2015
  • Ready for occupancy: Summer 2017

Breslin Student Events Center - facility upgrades 

Project details:

  • To enhance the student, alumni, fan and public experience by improving the functionality of the Events Center

  • Create a lasting legacy by integrating a sense of Spartan tradition throughout the facility

  • Extend the useful life of the building by improving services to the fans and implementing major maintenance items

Project scope:

  • Project will be divided into two phases: facility upgrades and athletics addition
    • Phases will be designed in a way that allows minimal rework
    • Phases will be fully coordinated throughout design and construction
  • Phase one:
    • 22,000 square foot addition around building
    • Expansion of concourse, renovate/upgrade restroom facilities, increase fixture count, renovate concessions stands
    • Improve entry vestibules to main concourse
    • Improve finish levels and experience on concourse
    • Improve site conditions for ingress and egress
    • Improve site security
    • Replace chiller system
    • Connect to East Lansing water system
  • Phase two: 
    • 30,000 square foot addition
    • Create sense of main entry; destination to the building
    • Create Hall of History
    • Club / meeting space / restaurant bar


  • Construction start: January 2016
  • Ready for occupancy: August 2017

Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB)

In December 2008, it was announced that the U.S. Department of Energy had named Michigan State University’s National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (SCL) as the new home to the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) project. 

Project updates as of December 2016:

  • Cryogenic transfer line installation continues in tunnel
  • Upper and lower cold boxes installed
  • Large bore warm piping in Compressor Room
  • Small bore gas and process cooling water piping continues 
  • Raised access flooring completed
  • Overhead mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) system being used to provide services as needed for technical equipment
  • Radio Frequency Quadrupole delivered and assembled
  • Electrical panels mounted on south racks
  • Cable tray installation is 90% complete, with 31,000 feet installed
  • RF racks being loaded with technical equipment

Construction Junction presentations will be available online by the seventh of each month

Meeting presentation

December 2016 (pdf)