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July 9, 2015

Thursday, July 9 | 8:30 a.m. | MSU College of Law room 343

Construction Junctions are Infrastructure Planning and Facilities’s monthly public meeting designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

Electrical Distribution - Upgrade Northwest Zone

Project details:

  • As a result of multiple facility and building improvement projects, the electrical power utility circuits in the northwest area of campus have reached their capacity to provide reliable electrical power to buildings and infrastructure.
  • An additional electrical power circuit pair from T.B. Simon Power Plant is required to allow for reliable electrical power, future needs, Breslin facility upgrades and the Special Housing project.
  • Provide new electrical power circuit pair to the northwest zone of campus
  • Buildings to remain on existing circuit pair: Breslin, Munn Ice Arena, Demonstration Hall, Jenison Field House, Old College Field, IM West, Spartan Stadium, Central Services, Shaw Power Plant and Wells Hall
  • Buildings to be powered through new circuit pair: Special Housing, University Village Apartments, Brody Complex, Kellogg Center and Kellogg Center Ramp
  • Work will be self-performed by IPF high voltage crew
  • We will be using some existing spare breakers from the Power Plant


  • All work will take place below grade, using existing manholes and duct bank structures
  • Minimal traffic interruptions may occur for cable pulls


  • Construction start: Sept. 14, 2015
  • Substantial completion: March 1, 2016

Q: If we're using Power Plant spare breakers, will there still be enough spares left at the plant in case of emergencies?

A: Yes

Q: Will there be power outages at Brody/Kellogg?

A: There will be some minimal outages. We will communicate with building occupants well in advance.

Crop Science - Storage Building 2 - Construct Original Building

Project details:

  • Transition away from the annual Ag Expo
  • Significant loss of off-season storage
  • Replacement storage space is essential
  • Bring the storage into the operational area
  • Eliminate transportation issues related to multiple storage sites
  • Post-frame construction
  • 66 x 216 (14,256 square feet)
  • Site + Gravel Floor + Building (no utilities)


  • High Value Research Equipment Storage
  • “Open Space” to be utilized
  • No utility expansion
  • On-site storage enhances security


  • Construction start: October 1
  • Construction completion: December 1

North Campus Infrastructure Improvement – West Circle Drive 2015

Project details: 

  • Replace existing structurally deteriorating arch steam tunnels from the North Campus Substation to Steam Vault 376 (northeast corner of Library building), some of which are 87 to 102 years old.
  • Provide new steam services to Olds Hall and complete the north campus steam loop (which also includes steam distribution work in the NCS).
  • Install new electrical duct bank from the NCS to north of Olds Hall and replace deteriorated electrical vault lid by Olds Hall.
  • Road reconstruction of West Circle Drive (two 10-foot traffic lanes, one 4-foot bicycle lane) from the east side of the MSU Library to the west side of the Auditorium Road and West Circle Drive intersection. Improve pedestrian, vehicular and bicycle safety.
  • Reconfigure Parking Lots 6 and 11 to meet current parking standards.
  • Replace deteriorated cast iron water mains and improve fire flow capacity.
  • Decommission NCS electrical transformers
  • Repair/replace deteriorated sanitary and storm sewer main


  • Parking Lot 6 (MSU Museum parking lot) has been reconfigured to meet current parking standards and will result in a loss of eight (total count from 45 to 37) parking spaces.
  • Parking Lot 11 (Hannah Administration, MSU Library and Olds Hall) has been reconfigured to meet current parking standards and pedestrian safety. The above improvements will result in a loss of 10 (total count from 127 to 117) parking spaces.
  • Major buildings impacted during this phase of construction: Music Building, Music Practice, Intramural Circle, Library, MSU Museum, Olds Hall, Hannah Administration Building, Beaumont Tower
  • West Circle Drive will be temporarily closed from the Library/Admin. Entrance to Auditorium Road and limited access (delivery only for approximately eight weeks) from Beal Street to the Library/Admin. Drive. Temporary detour plans and pamphlets/signs will be developed shortly.


  • Construction early preparation: March 2015 – May 2015
  • Construction begins: May 11, 2015
  • West Circle Drive (single traffic lane from MSU Library to Auditorium Road), Parking Lot 6 and access to Parking Lot 11 reopened: July 12, 2015
  • All roads, parking and pedestrian/bicyclist pathways reopened: Aug. 14, 2015

Duffy Daugherty Football Building – Renovate Locker Room and Training Room

Project Details: 

  • Training facilities were last updated in the mid-1990s.
  • Major technological changes have occurred in training therapy delivery methods since then.
  • The installation of modern equipment will necessitate reconfiguration of the existing space.
  • The locker rooms in the building are in need of functional, spatial and aesthetic refurbishment, as they no longer reflect Big-Ten-level facilities.

Project Scope:

  • Training room: Installation of new therapy pools, reconfigure office area, reception/monitoring and treatment spaces.
  • Locker room: Reconfigure locker arrangement for a more open layout
    and install new lockers, Redistribute ventilation system, Update furniture, finishes and technology.


  • Occasional road closures on Shaw Lane during portions of the project due to truck traffic.
  • The building will remain open during the project, and alternate routes through the building will be provided for occupants


  • Start of construction: January 2015
  • Ready for occupancy: July 2015

Life Sciences - Renovation - A Wing 

Project Details: 

  • Consolidate the College of Nursing program in Life Science
  • Relocate the Student Media Lab
  • Create a new Teaching Collaboration Lab
  • Create efficient and appealing workspace
  • Bring daylight into the space
  • Create an up-to-date media lab for students
  • Create a teaching lab for faculty to enhance collaboration


  • Construction start: January 2015
  • Ready for occupancy: August 2015

Engineering Building - Chiller Replacement

Project Details:

  • Replace aging cooling equipment at the end of its useful service life.
  • Implement a comprehensive, long-range plan to create a regional chilled water loop among six buildings:
    • Engineering Building
    • Anthony Hall
    • Food Science
    • Natural Resources
    • Packaging
    • Communication Arts and Sciences
  • Create a chilled-water network serving the affected buildings as efficiently as possible. 
  • Chilled-water loop
    • Site excavation near Engineering Building south wing
    • Site excavation between Engineering’s Dow wing and Anthony Hall
    • New chilled-water main piping
  • Equipment upgrades in satellite buildings (phase II)
    • Addition of pumps and controls in Natural Resources, Packaging and Communication Arts and Sciences
    • De-commission aging electric chiller at Communication Arts
  • Chiller replacement at Engineering Building (phase II)
    • Replace steam absorption chillers with new electric chillers
    • Expand building electrical substation
    • New roof-mounted cooling towers
  • New chillers at the Engineering Building produce chilled water using 60% less energy than the absorption machines currently installed.
  • New chillers will fit in the existing mechanical room, avoiding excessive site disturbance for a building addition.
  • Engineering chillers will be large enough to be “base loaded” vs. Anthony and Food Science chillers.
    • Most efficient machines in the loop will meet cooling demand at all six buildings for majority of the year.
  • Project will avoid investing in a chiller plant at both the Engineering Building and Communication Arts and Sciences.


  • Pedestrian detours will be clearly marked during site construction.
  • Construction zones will be properly separated to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Building crane lifts will be coordinated in advance.
  • No adverse parking impacts.
  • Site access will require contractor coordination and just-in-time deliveries.
  • Pedestrian circulation on-site will be impacted in Summer 2015, with minimal impacts lasting until April 2016.


  • Construction start: May 2015
  • Pedestrian circulation restored: Aug. 14, 2015
  • Substantial completion of chiller system: April 2016

Q: Will there be crane lifts during project?

A: Yes, they will occur during Winter Break.

Construction Junctions continue on the second Thursday of each month at 8:30 a.m.

  • August 13 (College of Law, room 471)
  • September 10 (College of Law, room 343)
  • October 8 (TBD)

Meeting presentation

July 9, 2015 (pdf)