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October 2016

Construction Junctions are Infrastructure Planning and Facilities’s monthly public presentations designed to update/inform the public of various projects currently in design, nearing construction and under construction.

Wharton Center - replace existing roof sections one, two, three and four 

Project details:

  • The original roof was installed in 1982, and is beginning to fail and cause potential structural and other cosmetic building damage.
  • Recent infrared study showed significant moisture in the existing roof insulation barrier indicating the need for replacement.

Project scope:

  • Remove existing conventional roofs and replace with new.
  • Inverted Roof Membrane Assembly (IRMA) style roof to be installed on roof three – over Great Hall stage.


  • Smells inside building; will be alleviated by installing temporary charcoal filters.
  • Loading dock will be used as a site setup space, causing one month of temporary relocated parking.
  • Sidewalk closure between FRIB and Wharton for one month. This will be further coordinated during design/construction.
  • Building will remain open during work. Construction will avoid major performances


  • Construction start: June 26, 2017
  • Construction complete: Sept. 22, 2017


Brandon Charland, project representative,, (517) 884-6099 

Trowbridge Road repaving - Harrison Road to Oyer Speech and Hearing 

Project detail:

  • Trowbridge Road has evolved into the primary entrance to campus. As such, pavement deterioration has necessitated replacement.
  • Goal is to achieve a 20-year life span for the new pavement.

Project scope:

  • Mill and resurface both eastbound and westbound roadways (four lanes and two bike lanes) from Harrison Road to Oyer Speech and Hearing parking lot.


  • Construction start: June 5, 2017
  • Construction completion: July 28, 2017


Tressa Wahl, design representative,, (517) 884-2185 

Parking Lot 92 - reconstruction and expansion 

Project details:

  • Parking Lot 92 was constructed in 1974.
  • The pavement structure has deteriorated to a point that full reconstruction of the existing lot is required.
  • Expansion of Lot 92 will provide overflow parking for the Bio Engineering Research Facility and will be coordinated with the installation of solar arrays on this lot as part of the Electrical Distribution - Renewable Energy Project approved by the Board in September 2015.

Project scope:

  • Reconstruction of the currently paved section
  • Expansion immediately to the east
  • Improvements to the drainage system
  • Electrical cables associated with the solar array project will be installed during the reconstruction


  • Parking Lot 92 will be offline for the duration of construction


  • Construction start: May 2017
  • Construction completion: July 2017


Dave Wilber, design representative,, (517) 884-2186

1855 Place

Project details:

  • Create a living environment that supports both single students and student families around the resources they need to be academically successful
  • Create an institutional asset to further our world class land-grant mission
  • Consolidate office spaces from across campus, freeing up space for academic programs while saving resources and improving communication
  • Create synergies between Residential and Hospitality Services and Intercollegiate Athletics

Project Scope: 

  • 102,000 square foot mixed use office building (LEED Silver): RHS offices, Intercollegiate Athletics offices and retail
  • 438,000 square foot student apartments: Single student apartments (Studio, 2BR, 4BR), Family housing apartments (1BR, 2BR)
  • Parking (2,075 spaces): Student (apartments), Event\staff, Deck
  • Funding Source – auxiliary funds: RHS, Intercollegiate Athletics, and parking


  • Construction start: Summer 2015
  • Ready for occupancy: Summer 2017

Breslin Student Events Center - facility upgrades 

Project details:

  • To enhance the student, alumni, fan and public experience by improving the functionality of the Events Center

  • Create a lasting legacy by integrating a sense of Spartan tradition throughout the facility

  • Extend the useful life of the building by improving services to the fans and implementing major maintenance items

Project scope:

  • Project will be divided into two phases: facility upgrades and athletics addition
    • Phases will be designed in a way that allows minimal rework
    • Phases will be fully coordinated throughout design and construction
  • Phase one:
    • 22,000 square foot addition around building
    • Expansion of concourse, renovate/upgrade restroom facilities, increase fixture count, renovate concessions stands
    • Improve entry vestibules to main concourse
    • Improve finish levels and experience on concourse
    • Improve site conditions for ingress and egress
    • Improve site security
    • Replace chiller system
    • Connect to East Lansing water system
  • Phase two: 
    • 30,000 square foot addition
    • Create sense of main entry; destination to the building
    • Create Hall of History
    • Club / meeting space / restaurant bar


  • Construction start: January 2016
  • Ready for occupancy: August 2017

T.B. Simon Power Plant – Upgrade Utility Substation

Project details

  • To provide a substation with increased capacity and reliability to deliver power to FRIB and the T.B. Simon Power Plant.

Project Scope

The project consists of the following three elements:

  • Underground 138 kV transmission line from the existing Michigan Electric Transmission Company transmission line north to the substation.
  • Installation of a larger capacity substation consisting of two transformers with space for a future third transformer.
  • Connection to the new switch house being installed by FRIB.


  • Construction start: January 2016
  • Power available: March 2017

Construction Junction presentations will be available online by the seventh of each month

Meeting presentation

October 2016 (pdf)