Biological Safety Level-3 Research Laboratory

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Project Information


  • Construction


  • Through its ongoing academic and capital planning efforts, the University has identified a need for additional Biological Safety Level-3 (BSL-3) research laboratory capacity.
  • Harmful pathogens have emerged in recent years that affect both animals and humans and are a cause for concern for the health of the nation and world.
  • MSU has had limited engagement in the study of these types of pathogens. However, recent faculty hires intentionally increase the University's ability to study these types of pathogens.
  • At present, MSU currently supports such research within two modular containment trailers, and they are at capacity.
  • To support the current growth of research in this area, additional BSL-3 capacity is needed.


The project will renovate space in the University Research Containment Facility, leveraging the utilization of existing space and Campus Animal Resource operations, to house Biological Safety Level-3 laboratories and associated support functions.

The scope includes:

  • interior demolition
  • new mechanical equipment
  • isolation areas including shower in/shower out
  • animal holding
  • autoclave room
  • work necessary for select agent pathogen work and to ensure select agent certification.

Upon completion the space will accommodate up to five faculty and allow for the decommissioning of two existing BSL-3 modular units that are approaching the end of their useful life.


  • $3.5 million including a $342,127 contingency
  • The project will be funded by the College of Natural Science, AgBioResearch, Office of the Provost and the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation and/or debt financing with dept repayment from the above reverenced units.


  • Construction start: Fall 2019
  • Ready for use: Summer 2020

Construction Junction progress update

Capital project number

  • CP18193


Brian Mullen
Project Manager (517) 353-3112