Business College Complex – Eppley Center – student support, capital renewal and building envelope

Eppley Center

Project Information


  • Planning/Design


  • The Eppley Center was originally constructed in 1961. Its mechanical systems are at the end of their useful life and can no longer be operated or maintained efficiently. Replacement will result in better air distribution, occupant comfort and energy savings.
  • Completion of the Edward J. Minskoff Pavilion has resulted in vacated space in the Eppley Center, giving the College the opportunity to realign and consolidate student support services on the first and second floors, bringing together undergraduate advising and related services in one cohesive location and in proximity to other student focused space and programs in the Pavilion.
  • Planning is also requested for replacement of the exterior stone panels and windows of the Eppley Center. The current exterior does not compliment the newly built Pavilion, and there is interest among donors to achieve a more unified physical presence for the College of Business.
  • While these proposed projects can stand-alone, there are benefits to coordination including construction mobilization, design integration, project delivery and minimization of disruption to the College.


  • The project is anticipated to include:
    • Replacement of HVAC systems including air handling equipment and duct work for the entire Eppley Center including variable frequency drive, new motors and fans for all variable air volume boxes at selected locations.
    • Update of life safety systems including fire alarm and fire suppression.
    • Abatement of asbestos.
    • Replacement of ceilings and light fixtures with LED fixtures.
    • First and second floor renovations will include:
      • Demolition and construction of new advising offices and associated support spaces and computer labs.
      • Installation of new flooring, power, data, painting and furniture.
    • Replacement of the exterior stone panels and windows to provide a more unified physical presence for the Eppley Center within the context of the north and pavilion additions.


  • Relocation of people and programs from the Eppley Center will be required for the HVAC, exterior stone panel and window replacement portions of the project.


  • Construction start: TBD
  • Construction completion: TBD


  • Based on cost experience for similar projects and current pricing information, the preliminary project cost estimate for the Capital Renewal  (HVAC) and first and second floor renovations is $10M - $12M. The replacement of the exterior stone panels and windows is estimated at an additional $8M to $9M. These estimates may change as the project and its scope are refined during the planning process.
  • The source of funds for the project(s) is expected to be from a combination of general fund-capital renewal and gifts to the College of Business, and/or debt financing with debt repayment from the same sources. 

Capital project number

  • CP18003


Tony Rhodes
Project Manager (517) 432-7104