Edward J. Minskoff Pavilion

Edward J Minskoff Pavilion view from rear

Minskoff Pavilion Entrance

Inside Minskoff Pavilion, View of Hallway

Interior View of Minskoff Pavilion, View of Chairs

Project Information


  • Substantially complete


  • The MBA program in the Broad College of Business is ranked 14th among public universities and 35th overall in the latest U.S. News & World Report, but the facility in which the MBA program is currently housed hampers recruitment of top-rated students and faculty.
  • It also restricts the range and type of possible learning activities and curricular innovations.
  • The current building lacks the appropriate quality and quantity of space commensurate with the College's aspirations to improve rankings and increase competitiveness with peer institutions.


  • The pavilion will house the MBA program and professional graduate programs of the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management.
  • The facility, with its new teaching and learning spaces supporting a new curriculum, will foster an academic ecosystem that uses technology and collaborative spaces to train future business leaders,including engaging students with corporate executives, employers, and alumni.


  • Demolition of the west wing of the Eppley Center
  • Construction of a new 100,000 square foot, three-story structure including new pedestrian walkways to the Eppley Center and the North Business Complex.
  • The pavilion will include:
    • Classrooms
    • Teaching labs
    • Program offices
    • Career management offices
    • Interview facilities
    • Student interaction spaces
    • Multi-purpose spaces
    • Variety of amenity spaces
  • The facility will:
    • Create a new identity for the College
    • Integrate with the existing business complex to create a unified facility
    • Create an iconic presence and a prominent entrance for the College
    • Make best use of the site and encourage connections to the riverside


  • Construction start: June 2017
  • Construction completion: August¬†2019


  • $62,000,000 (funded by gifts to the Eli Broad College of Business and debt financing with debt repayment from gifts)

Welcome Video after Completion

Construction Junction progress update

Capital project number

  • CP14217



    Tony Rhodes
    Project Manager
    rhodesa1@msu.edu (517) 432-7104