Food Science Fruit and Vegetable Laboratory Renovation

Food Science and Human Nutrition Building

Project Information


  • Construction


  • Michigan State University has the potential to train a significant number of future employees for the food processing industry, but is currently limited in its training capacity due to an outdated laboratory facility. 


  • The renovated laboratory and associated support space will provide a modern teaching, learning, and research space that will keep pace with the changing demands of the food processing industry and provide the capacity to train the next generation of food processing employees.
  • Renovations to this laboratory will also increase opportunities for MSU to partner with select community colleges to expand the reach of training opportunities across the State.
  • Additionally, the renovated laboratory will serve over 700 MSU undergraduate students annually, in at least 12 different courses and three departments. 


  • As planning begins, the project is anticipated to include renovations to suites 124 and 217 to provide a modern food processing instructional and research laboratory, including:
    • new entrance and workflow enhancements
    • upgraded heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
    • new walk-in coolers and freezers
    • new locker rooms
    • new conference room
    • an interactive classroom
    • utilities for laboratory equipment
    • rework of fire alarms
    • access control
    • epoxy coating of walls and floors. 


  • Construction start: May 2018
  • Construction end: January 2020


  • $3,500,000, including a $330,000 contingency.
  • The source of funds for the project is expected to be State of Michigan - Appropriation (Public Act 107 of 2017) and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, or debt financing with debt repayment from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Construction Junction progress update

Capital project number

  • CP17140


Bryan Anderson
Project Manager (517) 432-0583