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aerial photo of im west pool

I.M. Sports - West - refurbish outdoor pool

Project phase: Planning/Design


  • MSU opened the I.M. Sports - West facility in 1958.
  • The outdoor pool is original to the building and, while it has received improvements and maintenance since that time, it is now beyond the end of its useful life and is currently closed for swimming.
  • Intercollegiate Athletics currently does not have access to a 50 meter swimming pool, which is required for NCAA competitions.
  • An upgraded swimming pool would address the NCAA requirements, as well as provide capacity for recreation and fitness activities.


  • Update pool and auxiliary spaces to meet all current NCAA competition requirements.
  • Eliminate safety issues.
  • Improve ADA access and meet code compliance requirements.
  • Replace/upgrade outdated mechanical systems (piping, pumps, heaters and valves).
  • Simplify/reduce maintenance.


  • Replace main drain piping and all cast iron piping with PVC piping.
  • Provide concrete slab for shallow water swimming.
  • Install new main and outdoor drains.
  • Replace strainers, sand filters, valves, pumps, piping and supports.
  • Improve ADA access.
  • Correct code issues.
  • Remove diving tower.
  • Upgrade mechanical room ventilation and lighting.
  • Replace heating and lighting controls.
  • Upgrade clock system.
  • Add/upgrade storage.
  • Provide office space.


  • Construction start: June 2019
  • Ready for use: March 2020


  • Based on cost experience for similar projects and current pricing information, the preliminary project cost estimate is $6,000,000 - $10,000,000. This estimate may change as the project and its scope are refined during the planning process. 
  • The source of funds for the project is expected to be from a combination of gifts to Intercollegiate Athletics, general fund including capital renewal, and auxiliary activities fund - Athletics, and/or debt financing with debt repayment from the same sources.


Jason VanZee, project manager, (517) 432-2675, 


Construction Junction project update

April 2019