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hands of a worker coating a window

Reflective window film

When it comes to reducing energy cost, windows can be a source of unwanted heat exchange in buildings. The sign shop applies low-emissivity or “low-e” film by request.

The film reduces the amount of thermal energy radiated by the window. That means in summer the film reflects the sun's heat energy and reduces the need for air conditioning. In the winter, the film minimizes heat loss from the building.

In addition to reducing temperature-regulation costs, the film reduces glare by 79-percent and blocks 97-percent of UV rays that can cause furniture fading. The outside of a window looks like a mirror, which prevents passers-by from looking in and adds privacy for occupants.

Some notable applications can be seen at the Dairy Store, in Fee Hall and in Shaw Hall.

Service request

If there are systems or equipment in your building that you think need maintenance or should be on a preventive maintenance program, please submit a service request. You can also browse our service guide for anything else we can offer you.