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An IPF worker removing snow in a snow removal vehicle, taking it across the concrete

Snow removal

Much snow means much snow removal, so it is essential to assess the impacts of all techniques used to keep campus roads clear. Fortunately, MSU’s methods are innovative and environmentally friendly.

IPF crews pre-treat campus roads and sidewalks with an organic-based liquid deicer. Mixed with salt brine, this deicer melts snow and ice at colder temperatures than salt brine alone, making roads and sidewalks safer. When applied prior to a snow or ice event (known as “anti-icing”), this product additionally prevents the precipitation from bonding with the pavement, making snow removal easier. The product is also sprayed on rock salt to reduce the amount of salt needed, fasten its effects and help it stay on the pavement.

Read more about IPF's campus-wide snow plan.

For snow-related emergencies or for immediate assistance, call (517) 353-1760 — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Green tip for snow removal

During the winter months, ice-melt compound will be provided in containers at building entrances to be used as needed.

Battling winter weather

To learn more about how IPF ensures that campus is safe and accessible throughout the long winter months, check out this video.