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Stormwater Committee

The Stormwater Committee oversees compliance with MSU’s Michigan MS4 General Watershed Permit. The goal of the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program is to reduce the discharge of pollutants to surface waters of the state. An MS4 is a system of drainage (including roads, storm drains, pipes and ditches, etc.) that is not a combined sewer or part of a sewage treatment plant. During wet weather, pollutants are transported through MS4s to local waterbodies. Under the permit, post-construction stormwater run-off from all new and redevelopment projects that disturb one acre or more must meet specified stormwater discharge criteria as defined in the MSU Stormwater Design Standards (PDF). Among other compliance items, the committee guides designers and reviews plans with respect to these requirements. For more information regarding the Stormwater Committee's involvement in campus design and construction, please refer to the Capital Project Procedures website.

Recent stormwater innovations implemented on MSU construction projects include porous pavement on West Circle Steam Loop and stormwater filtration devices on the Bott Building for Nursing Education and Research and Parking Lot 67.

Committee members

Chair; Robert Nestle, IPF, University Engineer

Ruth Kline-Robach, Institute of Water Research

John Lefevre, IPF, Planning, Design and Construction

Dave Wilber, IPF, Planning, Design and Construction

Ben Darling, Land Management

Steve Troost, IPF, Planning, Design and Construction

Adam Lawver, IPF, Landscape Services

Stephanie O’Donnell, MSU Police

Mary Lindsey, Environmental Health and Safety

Kevin Eisenbeis, Environmental Health and Safety

Jeremiah Saier, IPF Landscape Services

Ray Weiber, IPF