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Get to know IPF: Steve Wallace


Nov. 5, 2018

Over the past 40 years, Steve Wallace has worked as a custodian, Hugh Haul operator, and several supply, stockroom and warehouse positions at MSU. Now Wallace is an operations supervisor II for the Beaumont Nursery and Beaumont Landscape. His responsibility is to make sure the nursery and supply yard run efficiently as possible and within budget. In his current position, Wallace enjoys the job location and the people he has the opportunity to work with. 

“MSU is a great place to work, it allows for advancement and different challenges throughout an individual’s career,” Wallace said. 

Wallace said “when I took my current position I had a goal to make the nursery and supply yard a financially stable unit within 10 years, and the challenges faced in obtaining that goal drive me forward.” 

Outside of work, Wallace enjoys reading and researching history. “I find the past interesting because we can learn and take away things from previous mistakes and successes,” Wallace said. He also loves to spend time with his grandchildren, supporting them in all their different activities, and learning about his family history. 

A typical day for Wallace includes scheduling with the crews, reviewing and answering emails, attending meetings, reviewing budgets and managing the operation of the supply yard and nursery. 

When Wallace finally decides to retire, he said he wants to “leave the facility in a place that continues to grow, providing the university with value and financial sustainability.” When asked when that day may arrive, Wallace joked that his wife said retirement will have to wait at least one year after she retires – so that is his plan.