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Promapp user bi-annual meeting honors IPF champions


Dec. 4, 2018

On Nov. 5, the IPF Process Improvement/Promapp Team hosted the second user forum in Holden Hall — bringing together process champions from across IPF to engage in celebration of success, reflection on the project and collaborative skill building. 

Organized by Kelly Feister, business office manager for Building Services, and Danielle Hook, learning and development specialist for Strategic Initiatives, the forum covered new developments, challenges and next steps for Promapp within IPF and its growing interest across MSU. 

“We are here and ready to partner with new departments within IPF and MSU as a whole,” Hook said. 

Cresting just over one year from the anniversary of its implementation, IPF’s transition to Promapp is reaching new heights. IPF departments have documented close to 700 processes, almost 90 percent of all processes created by MSU, and have over 100 employees trained in the program. 

Hook and Feister were introduced to Promapp in late 2016 and vetted the program heavily before deciding the innovative software was right for MSU. 

“Promapp is one of the world’s leading edge program management systems,” Hook said. “The tool is used by public services—local government councils and universities—to streamline processes and use best practices in a conscious effort to steward public funds in the best way possible. There are a lot of reasons to adopt a similar perspective at IPF.” 

Hook and Feister congratulated all IPF employees currently working with Promapp and honored them as champions. 

“Thank you for your enthusiasm and for being willing to participate and learn something new, even though it’s not always easy,” Feister told attendees at the forum. “IPF has an outstanding, cross-functional, motivated group of process champions who continue to surprise us with their innovative ideas and engagement.” 

The following is a list of the IPF Promapp champions recognized at this year’s meeting: 

Tony Gibson
Best use of Promapp in succession planning 

Building Services Business Office
Most engaged team 

Surplus and Recycling
Most sustainable process team   

Human Resources
Best engagement of students 

Laura Smith
Best use of multimedia in a process 

Asset Management process group
Most process views 

Building Services – 191 processes
Most processes created by a business unit 

Diane Schimizzi
Most spirited process champion 

Annual Performance Review and Performance Excellence process (HR)
Most feedback collected on a single process 

Facility Asset Data Exchange project team
Best mega process 

Kelly Pung
Best use of process variations 

Kendra Schroeder
Best use of cost and time cycle analysis 

Tiana Carter
Best use of peer review 

Jannene Andrews
Best use of a process in a presentation 

Building Services, Campus Services, Human Resources
Milestone: 30 processes published 

Brooke Pugh
Emerging leader 

Stephen Pavlik
Emerging leader