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Demonstrating high performance

May 8, 2018

The great work we do every day advances the mission of Michigan State University. Our values of service excellence, innovation and stewardship guide our path. Simply, we want to be the best. This drive demonstrates our partnership with the university, and our role in helping Spartans change the world. 

Pursuing the Baldrige award helps us recognize and celebrate our work.

For the past two and a half years we have used the Baldrige framework to understand our strengths and opportunities to improve. Many organizations that use Baldrige have established themselves as high-performing, and use the process to achieve even greater standards of excellence.

This year IPF will apply for the Michigan Performance Excellence Award, Michigan’s state-level Baldrige award program. Over the next few months, people across IPF will prepare our application to submit by Oct. 1. Putting together the application creates another opportunity to collaborate, share, and sharpen our focus on high performance. It’s a story that describes the important work of IPF, how we do it, and our results. 

I am proud of our organization as it stands today. Your work, particularly by frontline staff, leads us toward this recognition. Together we will take the next step on our journey

All the best,


P.S. We'll have a chance to talk more about Baldrige at the Supervisors Meeting next Tuesday, May 15. Feel free to also share your thoughts, ideas and questions with me at


An overview of the Baldrige Framework.