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Employee Engagement Survey helps us hear you

The mission of IPF is to deliver services that help Spartans change the world. We’re immersed in the planning, designing, construction and maintenance of campus facilities and grounds. We tell the stories of quickly responding to emergencies, being creative in problem solving and implementing new technologies.

What’s at the heart of everything we do?

You. The employees of IPF. You are the behind-the-scenes support for MSU.

Over the past three years, creating the best environment for you to do your best work has become a priority. Through the Employee Engagement Survey, we ask for your input on the atmosphere, leadership and many other variables. As we collect this information, we want to have conversations about what works well and what we can do better.

Your feedback has already made a difference. Since last year’s survey, the Executive Leadership Team has made it a point to start having more informal conversations with staff. Teams have launched new meeting structures and newsletters to provide better communication. Others engaged in team-building opportunities and trust-building actions to get to know one another. Best practices have been shared for hiring committees, learning and development opportunities, and much more. If you’re unsure of what actions resulted from the survey in your department, I encourage you to check in with your leader to learn more.

As we approach October, we are preparing to send another employee survey. This year, while focusing on the same information, we made some changes based on your feedback. We shortened it a bit and revised some of the questions to be more straightforward and focus on your personal view of IPF.

The survey is administered by a third party, Studer Education. We do this because we value anonymity to collect meaningful information. At the same time, we know we need information collected in a way that we can distribute accurate results to each department.

I’m not sure I’ve always been clear about how it all works, so let me give it another shot. Studer Education, using our organizational chart, distributes links directly correlated to you and your functional area. As you take the survey, Studer compiles the information so your leader can accurately assess, collectively, how employees are feeling. When the survey is administered, it requires one person to have access to all of the information collected. This person works for Studer Education and her name is Julie Kunselman. As you respond, she compiles. However, no one within IPF gains access to any raw data.

We receive information back from the survey in the form of summary reports, which provide only numerical averages for each question and themed comments. This helps all of us have more productive conversations about what works well, and what can be improved. At the end of it all, that’s the goal. The survey is a tool to help us talk about how we can provide the best work environment for everyone.  

Please keep an eye out for the survey beginning Oct. 8. More information will be shared in the coming days. If you have any questions, let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time,