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Building contacts

Infrastructure Planning and Facilities relies upon designated “building contacts” in campus buildings to help disseminate IPF news and alerts. IPF sends building contacts e-mail notifications about work that is scheduled in their building (or in neighboring buildings) that may impact them or their colleagues. IPF requests that building contacts first share the alerts broadly with their fellow building occupants, and then serve as a liaison between building occupants and IPF, if needed, throughout the course of the scheduled work.

Building contacts are an invaluable resource to IPF and their efforts are greatly appreciated.  

There can be multiple building contacts per department. If your department has locations in more than one building, you can have one or more contacts in each building.

Review the IPF building contacts list (PDF) to identify the building contacts in your building. To become a building contact or to update your information, e-mail

Building Contacts List (PDF)

Building Contacts List (PDF)