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Cleaning for health

The following generally funded services are available to campus buildings that are on the high-performance cleaning routine as part of regular duties. High-performance cleaning uses cutting-edge techniques and technology to sanitize spaces while protecting the heath of building occupants and the environment. For services in addition to these, fill out an online service request. Visit the buildings page to see if a certain building on campus is on this high-performance cleaning routine or the standard cleaning routine.


Daily (Monday through Friday): Disinfect toilets, sinks and urinals; mop floors; replenish supplies; empty trash and clean mirrors

Weekly: Dust horizontal surfaces, polish stainless steel

Classrooms, conference rooms, libraries, computer labs, teaching labs

Daily (Monday through Friday): Clean chalk board, replenish supplies, empty trash, straighten chairs

Weekly: Clean wall-to-wall; vacuum carpeted classrooms, dust horizontal surfaces, dust mop floors and wet mop when needed

Semi-annually: Refinish classroom floors


Weekly: Clean wall-to-wall, dust mop or vacuum floor, wet mop as needed, dust horizontal surfaces, empty trash, replace defective lights

By service request: refinish floors, deep clean carpets


Daily (Monday through Friday): Empty trash

Weekly: Dust mop floor, wet mop as needed

Annually: Refinish hard floors

Public space

Daily (Monday through Friday): Dust mop floor, wet mop as needed, vacuum carpets

Annually: refinish resilient floors, deep clean carpets


Daily: Spot clean

Weekly: Clean wall-to-wall

Locker rooms, shower areas

Daily: Clean and disinfect floor, empty waste receptacles, clean drinking fountains

Weekly: Clean wall-to-wall


Semi-annually: Refinish floors


Daily: Empty secondary containers; pick up broken down corrugated cardboard; pick up office paper and mixed paper. Take all items to main recycling area of building.

Building service workers

These workers are responsible for unlocking all exterior doors of assigned buildings seven days a week as posted or scheduled. The building service workers also keep entrances clear of snow, as possible, during inclement weather. In addition, they respond to emergency spills resulting from accidents or sickness as certified.