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IPFworker checking safety lock out tags


Safety is a priority for MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities. The unit is committed to keeping campus safe. This page contains safety tips and resources for both professional and work environments.

If you have a safety concern, please contact the Occupational Safety and Compliance Officer at (517) 432-0211.


MSDS database search
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are provided for every chemical substance regarding its properties, potential health effects and safe handling instructions. The database linked above, hosted by Environmental Health and Safety. The MSDS Database is searchable by manufacturer and substance. More MSDS information.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) guide
This manual gives guidelines for what protective equipment should be worn when performing potentially harmful activities. Also read our overview and getting started checklist.

Safety concerns

The following safety concerns are addressed by Environmental Health and Safety:

  1. Asbestos management and prequalification
  2. Lead compliance (regarding constructions standards)
  3. Black mold procedures (PDF)
  4. Trapped/injured animal
  5. Indoor air quality

Please contact EHS at (517) 355-0153 with concerns.

Home safety tips

IPF's experts have offered a collection of tips and reminders for you and your family to stay safe at home.