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How to read your bill

Online customer statements are available through our online service request application so you can see specifically which costs were charged for what services. While your charge statement in EBS will combine all charges for a project into one figure, your customer statement shows how the charges are distributed.

  1. Log into the customer statements application.
  2. Enter the account number that you wish to see charges for as well as the start (Billing Period From) and end (Billing Period To) dates. You must select a “From” date, but not necessarily a “To.”  If you only wish to see the charges for a specific month, select the same month for “From” and “To.”

Customer statements initial search screen

The screen will then display all project numbers and work orders that have charges billed to that account for that specific month.

Hierarchy of terms:

CP or Capital Project is the code used for a construction or renovation project that is estimated to cost more than $20,000. A Capital Project can contain both PRs and WOs.

PR or Project request is the code for a renovation or alterations project estimated to cost less than $20,000. A PR can contain many WOs.

WO or Work order is the order that carry specific charges. For example, charges cannot just be billed to a CP or a PR, but a WO must be created underneath it. Looking at a certain WO will show you where a specific charge came from.

Customer statements search results view

First, locate the CP or PR number. These will be listed in the first column labelled “Req #.” Each CP or PR will have multiple rows in the table, one for each work order (WO) it contains. Find the WO within that project that contains the charge you wish to review. The total charges to that work order during the selected billing period are listed in the “Total” column in the table. Click on a WO link to see all charges that have been billed to a work order from various months, even outside the selected time range.

Note: It may take a few moments for the work order screen to load. Please be patient.

Customer statements work order details screen 

If you click on a CP number, you will see a list of all WO’s that have been created for that CP. The right-hand column displays the sum total of all charges for the WO from its creation to the present; it is no longer limited to the month you selected.

Customer statement Capital Project details



Click here to log in and access your IPF customer statement.