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Renovations and construction

Single-trade projects

When the Maintenance Servies department receives a general service request, either online or hard copy, a project is created to track all information that is accumulated during the life of the project. Administrative staff will review the information submitted on the service request and convert it into a project which will be assigned to an IPF project manager that is specialized in this area of work. This person will be the main contact throughout the project. The customer will receive an e-mail notification that includes the project number, description, location, their own contact information, account information and the project manager's contact information.

Please note that an estimate may also be requested when filling out a service request. Requesting an estimate will not request service to be performed. The estimate must be signed, dated and returned to the project manager for work to begin. 

Capital projects: renovations and new construction

Authorization to proceed with the design and construction of projects estimated to cost less than $20,000 can be obtained through the IPF online service request.

Projects estimated to cost more than $20,000 must receive proper authorization before proceeding. The online service request cannot be used for these types of projects. The paper service request (PDF) authorizing alterations more than $20,000 that are not Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS) or Athletics buildings must be submitted to the Office of Planning and Budgets/Facilities Planning and Space Management (FPSM) requesting that the project be undertaken in accordance with the estimate received. All accounts to be charged and corresponding amounts must be clearly specified on the form. Following the review, the form will be sent to Infrastructure Planning and Facilities. The approval process ensures that new construction is properly integrated with existing university facilities and the university’s long-term space plans. For more information, see Section 201 of the Manual of Business Procedures.

When the Planning, Design and Construction (PDC) department receives a service request, a capital project is set up to track all the information that is accumulated during the life of the project. The customer will recieve a project status memo, providing the name of the PDC staff member who will be working directly with the customer on the project.

As the project progresses, whether it involves only a cost assessment for budgeting purposes or complete design and construction services, there will be continuous communication with the customer. Interaction will include site visits, meetings, e-mail and other types of communication throughout the duration of the project.

PDC has documented standard procedures for all phases of a capital project. Detailed information primarily used by EAS staff, consultants and contractors is available for reference on the Capital Project Procedures website.


If you need immediate emergency service or have a general question about IPF, call (517) 353-1760. For routine or special services submit an online service request.