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Together Again

IPF has worked diligently to prepare campus workspaces and buildings as more faculty, staff and students return

This checklist will help staff returning to campus review their workspaces and request service if needed.

Please submit service requests online.  Urgent and time-sensitive matters can be handled by calling Contact IPF at 517-353-1760.

Visit MSU's Together We Will site for university-wide COVID-19 related information.


IPF custodian cleaning a campus workspace


We're committed to providing a safe, healthy environment for research and education. Detailed cleaning levels are available at our Custodial service level page. Find details related to classrooms, restrooms, and more at our Custodial Services page


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We carefully monitor and follow guidance from the CDC, OSHA and other organizations regarding optimal building ventilation and air filtration. Learn more at our informational page about COVID and HVAC frequently asked questions.


IPF employee installing building signage


To inform visitors, students, faculty and staff of MSU's new mask requirement, IPF Custodial staff have placed new signs in exterior doorways of occupied campus buildings. An electronic version of the sign is available at this link.


Exterior photo of Linton Hall


MSU buildings, venues and services can operate without limitations. Buildings returned to normal public access building hours in August. 


Photo of the water tower


While you were gone, we routinely operated building water fixtures in an effort to prevent water from becoming stagnant from no or low water use.

Out of an abundance of caution, we recommend that consumable water lines attached to personal or department-owned devices, such as kitchen sinks, coffee makers and ice dispensers, be run 3-5 minutes before use for the first few weeks you are back on campus. MSU has fresh chlorinated water that disinfects as it passes through. Employees may wish to have their third-party vendors, such as Starbucks, perform maintenance, service and flush systems that may have sat stagnant.

Finally, drinking fountains are being reopened. If fountains are not taped off, they are safe to use.


Custodian emptying trash


Custodial Services staff will continue as normal emptying waste and recycling bins in buildings it services. Excess furniture in a work space can be stored or sent to the Surplus Store for resale. Requests to send items to the Surplus Store or to have large items hauled away as trash can be made onlineUniversity Stores provides heated storage space in its secure warehouse. 


Interior view of a campus vehicle.


Reserve a university vehicle for your use by visiting the Transportation Services page. We offer a wide variety of more than 400 vehicles available to university staff who travel for business.


Example of workspace with polycarbonate shielding


IPF can install polycarbonate shielding, often referred to as Plexiglass or other brand names, for your work spaces. However, depending on your situation, you may not need it installed. You'll see questions to consider about whether it's needed or worth the expense, or if a work space simply can be reconfigured.  


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