Unit DEI Council

IPF’s DEI Council delivers cross-organizational strategic management and direction in the area of diversity and inclusion as an adviser and resource, ensuring alignment with the overall DEI Strategic Plan. The DEI Council also serves as a channel for communication and catalyst for embedding DEI language and skills into all processes.

Our DEI Council members include a diverse group of IPF employees from various departments who are passionate and committed to DEI. Responsibilities are to support implementation plans, discuss and troubleshoot challenges, share feedback, attend quarterly meetings; and be a DEI champion to foster a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and culturally competent workplace where all employees and campus community members are welcomed, supported, and valued.

DEI Council members

Tina Alonzo

Tina Alonzo

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Administrator

Human Resources

(517) 884-7457


 Matt Bailey

Matt Bailey

Landscape Services Manager

Landscape Services

(517) 648-6857


Peter Carrington

Peter Carrington

Curator/Collection Manager, W. J. Beal Botanical Garden

(517) 884-0781



 Lisa Desprez

Lisa Desprez

Administrative Assistant II

Communications and Learning & Development

(517) 899-6283


 Ann Earhardt

Ann Erhardt

IPF Chief Sustainability Officer

(517) 897-1847


 Ken Londos

Ken Londos

Unit Human Resources Coordinator

(517) 897-0155