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Michigan State UniversityMichigan State UniversityInfrastructure Planning and Facilities
A droplet of water splashing with purple and blue lighting.

Photo courtesy of Communications and Brand Strategy


Infrastructure Planning and Facilities is the sole provider for all of campus’s water needs. Drawing groundwater from the Saginaw Aquifer, a deep sandstone formation that lies beneath much of central Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, the university treats the water to distribute to campus.

In addition to providing water for drinking, washing and irrigation needs, MSU takes stewardship a step further by also producing steam in the T.B. Simon Power Plant to make electricity and to heat and cool the campus infrastructure. To learn more about the water plant process, visit the Process page.

Infrastructure Planning and Facilities partners with other MSU organizations to ensure the safest and smartest water use possible. Visit the Protection page to learn about how MSU works to keep water sources clean. Visit the Conservation page to see how campus seeks to reduce water waste.

Water monitoring is performed regularly. MSU’s water meets or exceeds all State of Michigan and EPA standards. Our most recent water quality report details specific information about the water on campus.

For more information about campus drinking water, contact the IPF Power and Water department at (517) 355-3314, or e-mail