300 new trees planted in 2020

The 300th tree being planted by the large Big John tree planted truck

Nick Schrader

November 23, 2020


The 300th tree of the year was planted Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at the intersection of Wilson and Chestnut roads. The planting highlights concerted efforts led by MSU Landscape Services to meet a one-for-one replacement goal for campus trees.

The university's green spaces are not taken for granted.

But even with proper maintenance and planning, an average of 300 trees are removed or displaced each year due to construction projects or due to disease or other causes. While efforts are made to replace each tree, campus growth and expanded land use has historically hindered the one-for-one tree replacement goal.

An updated Campus Tree Management Plan was developed in early 2020 to help inform campus planning goals by measuring and maintaining trees on campus, and carbon sequestration value, among other factors.

Planting 300 trees in 2020 shows our efforts to ensure campus is green and sustainable for future Spartans.


300th tree sitting in the loader arms of the tree planter truck
The 300th tree of 2020 -- a Sugar Maple -- stands in the spades of the Big John tree planter on Wednesday, November 18, 2020. Nick Schrader, IPF


Closeup image of the shifter controls of the large, Big John tree planter truck
Switches and levers on the Big John tree transplanter truck. The truck allows for efficient tree planting throughout campus. Nick Schrader, IPF


Two IPF employees communicating as they use the large, Big John tree planter truck
John Conklin -- MSU Landscape Services -- uses the Big John tree transplanter truck to lower the Sugar Maple into its final resting place. Nick Schrader, IPF


IPF employee setting up the large, Big John truck to plant the 300th treeStabilizer feet are raised on the Big John tree transplanter truck by an IPF employee. Nick Schrader, IPF


IPF Landscape Services employee reads the tag of the new tree and documents it as being planted
Nathen Oswald -- MSU Landscape Services -- documents the identification tag of the Sugar Maple. Nick Schrader, IPF



Looking to support campus trees?

The MSU Heritage Tree Program offers trees grown from seeds of historic trees seen on the Michigan State University campus. The program identifies any tree that was established on campus prior to the founding of the Agriculture College of the State of Michigan in 1855.

All trees donated or planted by a historically significant person, or any tree that has other historical significance to a specific campus feature or program are considered MSU Heritage Trees.