Active Alerts

Clinical Center

Bott Nursing, Clinical Center A/B ·
Remaining pavement and sidewalk between Bott Nursing and Clinical A/B will be removed and new sidewalk installed.

Northwest Campus

Northwest Campus ·
A major construction project by the City of East Lansing to improve underground sewer infrastructure.

Cowles House

Cowles House ·
Renovations to Cowles House.

Munn Ice Arena

Munn Ice Arena ·
Addition on the south side of Munn Ice Arena

Veterinary Medical Center

Veterinary Medical Center ·
Building system assets will be inventoried, photographed and bar coded.

Bogue Street

Bogue Street ·
Closure of the right southbound lane of Bogue Street for implementation of protected bike lanes pilot project.

Veterinary Medical Center

Veterinary Medical Center ·
Infrastructure Planning and Facilities Maintenance staff will walk around the building and inside the building with clipboards and tools checking the condition and operation of the windows.

Chemistry (Lecture Wing)

Chemistry (Lecture Wing) ·
Temporary shutdown of building hot water heat.

Wilson Road (at Fee Hall)

Wilson Road (at Fee Hall) ·
Closure of the outermost westbound lane of traffic on Wilson Rd. and the inbound/outbound driveway to Parking Lots 32/33 to install a catch basin, repair concrete curb/gutter and repair asphalt paving.

Computer Center

Computer Center ·
Roofing department will be power washing limestone on the building.

Future Alerts

Morrill Hall of Agriculture

Morrill Hall of Agriculture ·
Testing of life-safety generator

Giltner Hall

Giltner Hall ·
Testing of life-safety generator

Business College Complex

Business College Complex ·
Testing of life-safety generator


Library ·
Testing of life-safety generator

Chemical Waste Facility #2

Chemical Waste Facility #2 ·
Abatement of asbestos-containing materials in room 110. During this project approximately 10 wall panels will be removed.

MSU Federal Credit Union

MSU Federal Credit Union ·
Testing of life-safety generator

Data Center

Data Center ·
Testing of life-safety generator


Radiology ·
Functional testing of HVAC-1. The fan will be stopped and started periodically throughout the day, being off approximately for 10 minutes at a time.

Plant and Soil Science

Plant and Soil Science ·
Shutdown of laboratory process cooling water

1855 Place - Building 1801

1855 Place - Building 1801 ·
Testing of life-safety generator